Verona Photo Diary.

April 30, 2014


Our hotel, The Gentleman of Verona. This was one of the most gorgeous hotels I’ve ever had the pleasure of staying in, so exquisitely beautiful with it’s Old Verona style. I would highly recommend this hotel if you’re looking for a little slice of luxury in Verona!
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Before the Calzedonia fashion show, myself & Lucy had a few minutes to take some snaps around the venue, which is right next to La Torre Hotel, which is where stayed in last time I visited Verona. Check out the last time I was in this same spot here & here. Click here for outfit credits.
IMG_1431 IMG_1477 IMG_1451
Afterwards, we headed backstage for the Calzedonia Summer show to see how the prep was going, then set ourselves up in our seats where I got to see my blogging pals again, followed by the afterparty!

IMG_1573 copyIMG_1607IMG_1679 IMG_1694 IMG_17651IMG_1717 IMG_1812IMG_1853 IMG_1827

Taking in some of Verona’s many beautiful sights and playing tourist with Lucy.
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After hearing the news that our flight home was canceled, and we couldn’t fly out until the next day, we stayed an extra night and availed of the hotel pool about 5 minutes from the airport. Wearing my new Gat Rimon bikini, we had the pool to ourselves all evening until our fingers got wrinkly. It was a blast.
IMG_2737 IMG_2628 1
This was such a fantastic trip!  A big thank you to the Calezdonia team for this great experience, and Lucy for being an awesome friend with a camera. Love you guys. x