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Guess/Guess by Marciano show day.

December 19, 2012

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I hope I haven’t crashed anyones computer with all these photos! Yesterday was such a fun experience I wanted to share all the details with you : ) We started our day at 5am to catch our flight to Milan. When we got to the airport we had a lovely driver bring us to our hotel – NHOW. It’s such a cool hotel, it’s colourful and fun with mismatched furniture everywhere but still has a classy feel to it. We unpacked our stuff and headed back down to the lobby to be picked up to go to the Guess store in Piazza San Babila to pick my outfit for the show.

And as you can see from the photos – we bumped into Kristina Bazan from Kayture and her boyfriend James, who are a very sweet couple and it was great to see a familiar face! I’m sure a lot of you who follow me on instagram saw our escapades during the night ha : ) After browsing the beautiful artwork displayed along the walls of the venue (all the proceeds went to Save The Children) and the drinks reception we took our seats for show to start.

The show was beautifully executed. From the music, to the long runway to the absolutely gorgeous models (and lets not forget the clothes!) it was exciting from start to finish. It started with the Guess collection first, which was a manifesto of femininity and sensuality. The second part of the show was the Guess by Marcinao collection – which was quite different from the first half – there was a lot more floaty materials used, structured suits (how amazing is that blue patterned suit?!) and an altogether classic and chic vibe.

After the show on the way into the Gala dinner, we got to try on mascarade masks and take some fun photos before we ate. There’s one of all four of us together that I can’t wait to see!

I really hope you guys enjoyed these photos and that I’ve given you a nice window into the show! Now I have to get ready for todays sightseeing adventures with Ronan!

Love, xo

  • http://callmeconboy.blogspot.ie/ Ailbhe Conboy

    Ahhh you look amazing! As soon as I saw those gold tipped boots I thought they were soooo you..scrolls down the page and there you are wearing them haha :) Hope you’re having a blast!


    • AnouskaPB

      Haha you know me well! Thanks miss! X

  • http://lavieenliz.com Liz

    you look gorgeous! the show seems like it was great


    • AnouskaPB

      It was fantastic! Thanks girlx

  • http://franchemeetsfashion.blogspot.cz/ Caroline

    you look awesome darling! perfect dress :)
    kisses from


  • http://www.styleandshades.blogspot.com Rhoda Wong

    i love your cap toe boots! and you look gorgeous!


    • AnouskaPB

      These are my new favourite boots! X

  • http://www.styleisle.ie Lorna

    It looks like you had a blast! Love your pics and you look gorgeous as always! See you soon! xxxx


  • http://www.karissaworld.blogspot.com Zuzankita

    simple amazing outfit and I hope you enjoyed it because it looks fantastic :)


    • AnouskaPB

      I did indeed thanks girly!

  • Hanna Bueno

    Beautiful photos. You are gorgeous! Love your style 😀

    • AnouskaPB

      Thanks Hannah xx

  • http://www.soulofashopper.com Soulofashopper

    you look really beautiful! great pics! xo, Alma

  • Josie shine

    WOW! You both look like you’re having the time of ye’r lives. Ronan reminds me of a suave movie star from the 60’s, like a young Cary Grant. I’m green with envy but also so happy for you guys. Enjoy every moment! Love Josie XxX

    • AnouskaPB

      Haha Ronan is very happy with your comment! I’ve bagged a good’un haha :) thanks girl you’re so sweet x

  • http://somebodyfromsomewhere.blogspot.com/ Somebody from Somewhere
  • http://www.whisperwordsoffashion.blogspot.com Mireia

    I love when two of the bloggers I follow met! :)
    Kristina and you are too beautiful!
    Hahahah btw, the colletcion looks pretty awesome! I love GUESS!


    • AnouskaPB

      She is a lovely girl! We really enjoyed the collection :) x

  • Fern Dedman

    you look so beautiful in these photos!!! hope you both are having a lovely time, the show looked great! :) xxx

    • AnouskaPB

      Thank you Fern x

  • http://youngandimpressionablee.blogspot.com/ Jaeger
  • Nora

    Oh my gosh – I simply love you so much! Your looks and style is incredible, your personality is so sincere, interesting and lovable! I look up to you so much although I don’t REALLY know you… You’re my rolemodel in life :-)

    If you don’t mind me asking, how old are you? And what are your measurements, mainly height and ‘about-weight’? I’m only asking because you look SO stunning!

    Keep up the good work and please – don’t ever change :-)

    Merry Christmas in advance! It would be interesting to hear about your Christmas routines or at least what your Christmas is about to look like this year :-)

    Greetings from Finland!

    • AnouskaPB

      Hey Nora, thank you so much for your lovely comment you are so sweet! As for my measurements – I’m 5″6 and a bit but my weight etc is just normal for my height I guess! Lots of love and have a merry Christmas x

  • http://redheadtalkin.blogspot.co.uk Bemsy

    Sounds like an absolutely wonderful experience! Thanks for sharing all the photos :)
    Bemsy x

    • AnouskaPB

      Aww thank you girly xxx

  • http://www.aj-desea.blogspot.co.uk Aisha


  • Diamenrose

    Love love your pix and you looked soo gorgeous :-) tres jolie xo


    • AnouskaPB

      Merci! Xxx

  • http://prosecco15.blogspot.ie/ Midge

    great snaps, gorgeous hair.. looks like your having a ball! such a pretty smile and that leopard print jacket is amazing!!

    • AnouskaPB

      Thanks midge! X

  • http://www.creativityandchocolate.blogspot.com Eva

    Beautiful photos, must be such a great experience! xx


  • http://www.liztremaine.blogspot.de Liz Tremaine

    You look amazing Anouska, i love this dress and your leopard coat :)
    Furthermore your pictures are simply amazing, the show looks so gorgeous, wish I could be there anytime! XO

    • AnouskaPB

      Thanks liz! Did you get your jacket yet?? Xx

  • http://4stylishcherries.blogspot.pt 4 Stylish Cherries

    so stunning <3

  • http://milexblog.blogspot.co.uk milex

    this time I am speechless

  • http://www.addictionstoshopping.blogspot.com Hayley

    gorgeous photos! I love the first few photos of you because you truly look stunning! I cant believe you bumped into Kristina! She is also one of my fav bloggers! Jealous 😀 Love what you wore to the show it was super sexy and elegant. Glad you had a great time :)

    Hayley xx

  • http://www.99boxesofshoes.blogspot.com Kamola

    Love the pix and the outfit you chose for the show! Those cap toe booties are to die for!!! Have a great time :)


  • http://shradhaloves.blogspot.co.uk/ Shradha

    Your photos are gorgeous!!
    And I love the accessories!
    The clutch is beautiful along with your fur
    S xx

  • http://loubousandlattes.blogspot.com Amanda Custo

    Hi Anouska,

    Loved this reportage-style shoot! You look so gorgeous in all of the photos and I love your outfits.
    Viva Guess glam!

    Love from Johannesburg,

  • Anonymous