Winter coat.

November 9, 2012

So it’s getting pretty damn cold here in Dublin right now so a good warm winters coat is an absolute essential. I’ve had my eye on this little beauty from Sandro for quite some time now, I tried in on in work about a million times and just kept falling more and more in love with it! So I finally bought it today – I couldn’t wait to wear it so I popped it on the minute I got my hands on it ha : ) I love everything about this jacket, the fact that it’s navy so it will go with literally everything I wear, from the leather lapels to the detachable shearling collar, ah it’s just perfect! <3

  • http://lavieenliz.com Liz

    such a perfect winter coat!


  • http://girlinthelens.com/ Natasha

    It’s just the most perfect coat! Love it!!!


  • http://piece-of-air.blogspot.co.il/ yarden

    amazing coat!

  • http://lestage2012.blogspot.com/ Aishling Browne

    Lucky you! That’s an amazing coat! When I’m finished college & get my first real job I’ll be paying Sandro a visit!!


  • https://twitter.com/A_Erna Adeline

    I also have it and it’s just perfect!
    I can’t wait to see you matching this coat with your great wardrobe :)

  • http://www.creativityandchocolate.blogspot.com EVA

    It’s amazing, want it too 😉 xx


  • http://impressthepress.blogspot.com Huyen

    wow, the jacket really is perfect!

  • http://mfashionfreak.blogspot.com mfashionfreak

    i absolutely love it


  • http://eleanorcos.blogspot.ie Eleanor

    it’s gorgeous! can’t wait to see it on yoU! :)

  • http://lamodeetwanderlust.blogspot.com Esther

    i love this jacket! so cute!

    Esther xx

  • http://www.monochromemagpie.com MonochromeMagpie

    So freaking jealous – I’ve been eyeing this for ages too but haven’t had a chance to see it in person -> fall in love with it -> try it on -> and realise it swamps my petite frame :( At least now I can dream, right? :p x

  • http://bellaconscience.blogspot.com Anna

    that coat is a such a beauty! makes winter bearable!


  • http://www.bloominsaturation.com Bloom in Saturation

    That coat is amazing. Gah!

  • http://franchemeetsfashion.blogspot.cz/ Caroline

    perfect buy Anouska! Know that’ll suit you great!!

  • http://bararadrianadelia.blogspot.com/ Adriana Barar

    It’s really beautiful! I love it!

  • http://www.vintagextherapy.blogspot.com ola

    I like it xx

  • http://www.soulofashopper.com Soulofashopper

    gorgeous coat! looking for something of the sort! xo, Alma

  • http://www.lovecloth.co.uk Anonymous

    I feel your pain, up north here is baltic as we say lol GORGE coat

  • http://fashionbarbecue.com sammie

    aaah i’m so jealous right now :)) that coat is so perfect,i love their winter coats :) have fun with your jacket

  • http://www.liztremaine.blogspot.de Liz Tremaine

    Look good, I like the color. xx

  • http://shradhaloves.blogspot.co.uk/ Shradha

    You can never go wrong with a lil bit of leather
    S xx