Hot Pink.

November 2, 2012

Tiesto Jeans  & shirt – GUESS?, Dare Devil boots – Office.

I love the zip detail on these Tiesto by Guess jeans. I used to rip holes in my jeans when I was younger to give them a ”grungy” effect so it’s cool that you can simply open the zips for the same effect with these and not have to ruin a perfectly good pair of jeans :) Plus, you can’t go wrong with a hot pink shirt. Yum.

  • http://ciaraloves.blogspot.ie/ Ciara

    The black jeans really makes the pink stand out!!


  • http://artificialdisease.blogspot.de/ Eva

    Looks so RAD!

  • http://charmainescloset.blogspot.com/ charmaine

    love the zip detail on the jeans, so quirky! x

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  • http://hiddenbehindfashion.blogspot.com/ Melissa

    I LOVE everything of this outfit! I would love to have the same blouse, it’s girly, but has also something of a bad girl :p


  • http://rnrfairytale.blogspot.com/ Dajana

    u look lovely in pink :)


  • http://www.curlsandbags.com nathalie

    Pink looks really great on you! Love your pants too!

  • http://www.addictionstoshopping.blogspot.com Hayley

    gorgeous outfit! I really love the idea of those jeans! Theyre super cool :) Love your shirt aswell. You look stunning all of these photos so unfair!

    Hayley xx

    • AnouskaPB

      Hayley you are too sweet :)

  • http://eleanorcos.blogspot.ie Eleanor
  • http://cappuccinowithfashion.blogspot.com/ Jul

    Gorgeous color of that blouse! Like it!


  • http://www.franzizr.blogspot.de franzi

    looove the jeans and the shirt!!


  • http://www.soulofashopper.com Soulofashopper

    nice pants! and love the shirt! xo, Alma

  • http://More2mystylediary.blogspot.com Ann

    Oh how cool…u ripp the jeans whenever u like…..it can be both formal/ informal…..btw u look absolutely phenomenal in hot pink….u sud wear it more often :)


    • AnouskaPB

      That is so lovely thank you Ann! <<33

  • http://franchemeetsfashion.blogspot.cz/ Caroline

    love pink colour on you!

    • AnouskaPB

      Thank you Caroline! X

  • http://www.theweekenddiary.com Sarah Mira

    I love the color of that blouse with the black lining detail!

    The Weekend Diary

    • AnouskaPB

      It’s a nice way to break it up a bit, I usually don’t wear a lot of pink!

  • http://www.vintagextherapy.blogspot.com ola

    stunning shirt!

  • http://www.creativityandchocolate.blogspot.com Eva

    Love the pink on you and the jeans are perfect! x


    • AnouskaPB


  • http://lavieenliz.com Liz

    love that top!


  • http://www.double-pizzazz.com Thorunn

    stunning as always!

  • http://alternativepassionx.blogspot.com Trâm

    I like your jeans and top!

  • http://www.tie-dye-eyes.blogspot.co.uk allie

    This is literally the perfect outfit

  • http://sun-driven.blogspot.com SunDriven

    the zip detail on the jeans is lovely :)



    the shirt is to die for <3 you always have the prettiest shirt collection.

  • http://mfashionfreak.blogspot.com mfashionfreak

    you’re so perfect <3


  • http://paulynagore.blogspot.com Pauline

    Awesome ! I need those jeans *.*

  • http://redheadtalkin.blogspot.co.uk Bemsy

    They are such cool jeans! You can’t even tell that the slit is zipped!
    Bemsy x

    • AnouskaPB

      That’s the trick :)

  • http://thedamselinadress.blogspot.com/ Jeline

    Love how your top really stands out! Hot pink looks great on you. xx


    • AnouskaPB

      Thank you Jeline! :)

  • http://www.styleandshades.blogspot.com Rhoda Wong

    loving the bright pink!


  • http://umi-fashionstyle.blogspot.jp/ umi
  • http://meritique.blogspot.com/ Merit

    Very cool look! Love that blouse ! :)


  • http://piece-of-air.blogspot.co.il/ yarden

    beautiful beautiful BEAUTIFUL outfit!

  • http://www.minniemelange.wordpress.com Sinéad

    I absolutely love that shirt. Perfect combination with the ripped jeans!

    – Sinéad

  • http://umblogfashion.com Liliana Garcia

    Oh my God, this zip detail is awesome!
    I love the whole outfit!

    Liliana from Um Blog Fashion

    • AnouskaPB

      Thankya miss! X

  • http://cherrycherrybaby21.blogspot.com Tanya

    love the color of your shirt!:))


  • http://mllesuzzarini.blogspot.com/ María Suzzarini

    OMG! I like that shirt, pink is always good but that shirt is gorgeous. I also like the pictures a lot…

    • AnouskaPB

      Thank you Maria :)

  • http://impressthepress.blogspot.com Huyen

    stunning color on you!

  • http://www.thatnerdyasian.blogspot.com Nerdy Asian

    Love the colour of the shirt! And the jeans look great, would have never of guessed that it was a zip haha! 😀

    • AnouskaPB

      Thanks miss! Yeah it’s nice to have some jeans that you an wear more than one way :)

  • http://www.cremabase.com Noemi

    Black and pink, fantastic combination

  • http://www.madstyling.com Madeleine

    Love the outfit! xo Madeleine

  • http://theundersized.blogspot.co.uk Lama

    Those jeans are amazing! You’re sooo pretty!


  • http://4stylishcherries.blogspot.pt White Girl

    I love this outfit … simple and gorgeous!!!

  • http://sillysunstory.blogspot.com/ Anastasia

    great color combination, shirt is a gorgeous 8)

  • http://shradhaloves.blogspot.co.uk/ Shradha

    Love the colour of this blouse!
    S xx