Rain, rain, go away.

June 8, 2012

I tried my best to get up early and do something productive on my day off, but when I looked out the window and saw just how horrendous it was outside I was pretty annoyed. I always feel like my day is a write off if it’s this depressing. You can’t do anything, go anywhere, and what hinders me the most is not being able to do an outfit post a day (which is a little goal I set myself) I know I go on about the weather so much but it really is so hard, I am so jealous of all the bloggers who live in hot countries! Hope the weather is nicer whenever you are reading this : )


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  • http://www.modelmayhem.com/rhodawong Rhoda Wong

    love the graphic hoodie! great for a rainy day!


  • vanilla

    your hoodie is super cool! :D
    the sun is shining here now but yesterday was raining, so hope Dublin is bright & sunny tomorrow for you!


  • http://www.tinacious.me/ Tina @ Tinacious Me

    super cute jacket!
    http://www.Tinacious Me

  • Anne

    Haha, I love how your feet look gigantic in the last photo!

    PS. Love your blog :-)

  • http://www.fashionphilosophy.net Dominika

    loving the shoes!


  • http://www.petitesideofstyle.blogspot.com joanne

    I feel exactly the same. The weather was awful today.


  • http://www.creativityandchocolate.blogspot.com Eva

    Totally agree with you, it rains way too much for spring! Love your hoodie and great boots!


  • Grace

    Absolutely love that hoody, it’s so cool. Hope you feel better soon! X

  • http://nowrongorright.blogspot.co.uk/ Shradha
  • http://joshuamaxwelldehoog.blogspot.com joshua maxwell de hoog

    still managed to do something great!

  • http://3iddam.blogspot.com/ Maddi3

    Aw I’m so sorry about all the rain. Not trying to brag but the weather is great here in California! Hoping you get some sunshine soon! <3

  • http://mahtasarie.blogspot.de/ Mahta

    Wow your legs are incredible nice ! :D
    I like the graphic Hoodie it’s super cool.
    I live in Germany , dont worry the wheather is here terrible , too.

    i love your blog , your german little fan :)

  • http://backtofive.blogspot.com Cassandra

    Amazing boots!


  • http://youngandimpressionablee.blogspot.com/ Jaeger
  • Ada

    great pics :) well in my city its very very hot, summer at its best, very sunny and all…BUT I cant leave the house cuz I have to study and its to warm to learn and I just hear kids and laughter outsidee and its depressing as hell :D I could use some rain :D

  • http://www.leighannswardrobe.com Leigh-Ann

    I know exactly how you feel!! I live up North in Belfast – the weather is awful :(