1151-1024x682 119-1024x682 1161-1024x682 118-1024x682 1131-1024x682Shirt & Neck-tie- The Kooples, Leggings – Black Milk, Boots – Sacha.

Please excuse my fluffy hair, it was raining (sigh) while we were taking these. But I don’t really mind, I love coming to the Iveagh Gardens. It’s probably one of my favorite places in Dublin. I love how it’s rarely busy, well kept and also in the centre of town .But no one seems to know about it. It’s like Dublin’s Secret Garden.

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Flower headband & spiked ring – Rock’N’Rose, Dress – Chicwish, Boots – Dr.Martens.

I was too impatient to wait until tomorrow to take photos in this headband, even though the weather isn’t amazing I actually love this type of light and my back garden made a nice backdrop for this shoot. It’s always fun trying to shoot in my garden, it’s like a farm out there with all our animals! I have four chickens who like to follow you around so it’s hard not to get them in any full length shots, but they managed to sneak their way in : )

On a more serious note, Lana Del Rey is one inspiring lady. I’m not the first nor will I be the last to do a look like this, but it was just so much fun dressing up and doing my make up like hers I had to share it! I really wish I was going to a music festival this summer, this would most definitely be my perfect festival attire. But perhaps I wouldn’t wear as much make up, this is a lot heavier than what I am used to! Let me know if you guys want a tutorial!

This absolutely beautiful headband is from Rock ‘N Rose. I am head over heels about it! As soon as I saw it on the website I knew I would have do some sort of Lana Del Rey inspired look with it! It’s so fairy-tale princess, I can’t wait ;) Just wanted to show you guys a close-up first.