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January 22, 2012

We all love to accessorize, so why not do it with our eyes from time to time?

Ronans friend works in Specsavers in Swords and got me green & blue contact lenses a while ago and I never got around to using them, and totally forgot I had them!
Don’t get me wrong, I’ve grown to like the colour of my eyes but sometimes I get a bit bored of brown. I’ve always wanted green eyes since I was a child, everyone here in Ireland has such amazing bright eyes so I thought I would try it out :)

I’m going to London on Wednesday for the Launch of Dr.Martens new S/S collection and I’m so exitied! Do you guys think I should wear my contacts or go au naturelle?



  • Emma

    They’re so cool! The launch of the S/S Dr.Martens should be brilliant! enjoy! whatever colour you decide to wear :) x

  • Nettie

    You have pretty eyebrows :)

  • Joanne Brennan

    They look so natural on you, you’d swear you were born with them! Love it! :)
    Joanne :) xx

  • dankshi

    you look awesome, they look so natural and your face look really different. I like diversity, so im delighted. I think I should buy too contacts (my eyes color is boring), BIG CHANGE.

  • yuka

    the green is so pretty on you!

  • Kingha

    YOU ARE SO CUTE <3<3<3<3<3<3

  • jordan

    go “naturelle” :) I mean, they look lovely in you – but still.. you are so pretty just as you are

    • AnouskaPB

      Aw thank you Jordan! Xxx

  • Lauren.

    you’re soo beautiful! :))

  • lory

    how did u do the colous in the pictures?
    let me know how, please!
    really awesome!

    • AnouskaPB

      I used the gradient tool on photoshop and turned down the opacity! X

      • lory

        thanks so much!


  • Amber

    your natural eyes are stunning anyway, brown is so warm:) but its sometimes fun for a change and the green are pretty funky! X

  • Blau von T

    you’re starting to make me green eyed…

  • Zuzana

    Nice photos!:)

  • Aoife

    this is so beautiful (: they look so natural! i have to ask, what eyeshadows did you use for this look?!

  • Sylwia

    omg! I’m in love with the 3rd photo ♥

  • Ruth Leslie

    eyes look fabulous! also, if you have the time, could you do a video tutorial on your make-up in these photos? so bloody gorgeous

  • aria

    wow im really interested in these colored contacts where can i get some !??