We all love to accessorize, so why not do it with our eyes from time to time?

Ronans friend works in Specsavers in Swords and got me green & blue contact lenses a while ago and I never got around to using them, and totally forgot I had them!
Don’t get me wrong, I’ve grown to like the colour of my eyes but sometimes I get a bit bored of brown. I’ve always wanted green eyes since I was a child, everyone here in Ireland has such amazing bright eyes so I thought I would try it out :)

I’m going to London on Wednesday for the Launch of Dr.Martens new S/S collection and I’m so exitied! Do you guys think I should wear my contacts or go au naturelle?



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  • http://gach-rud-emma.blogspot.com Emma

    They’re so cool! The launch of the S/S Dr.Martens should be brilliant! enjoy! whatever colour you decide to wear :) x

  • http://skyhigheels.blogspot.com Nettie

    You have pretty eyebrows :)

  • Joanne Brennan

    They look so natural on you, you’d swear you were born with them! Love it! :)
    Joanne :) xx

  • dankshi

    you look awesome, they look so natural and your face look really different. I like diversity, so im delighted. I think I should buy too contacts (my eyes color is boring), BIG CHANGE.

  • http://www.prettyinleather.blogspot.com yuka

    the green is so pretty on you!

  • http://vintagehadhead.blogspot.com/ Kingha

    YOU ARE SO CUTE <3<3<3<3<3<3

  • jordan

    go “naturelle” :) I mean, they look lovely in you – but still.. you are so pretty just as you are

    • AnouskaPB

      Aw thank you Jordan! Xxx

  • http://www.myamericandr3am.blogspot.com Lauren.

    you’re soo beautiful! :))

  • http://lasharound.blogspot.com/ lory

    how did u do the colous in the pictures?
    let me know how, please!
    really awesome!

    • AnouskaPB

      I used the gradient tool on photoshop and turned down the opacity! X

      • http://lasharound.blogspot.com/ lory

        thanks so much!


  • Amber

    your natural eyes are stunning anyway, brown is so warm:) but its sometimes fun for a change and the green are pretty funky! X

  • http://www.blaubushka.com Blau von T

    you’re starting to make me green eyed…

  • http://brunettelights.blogspot.com/ Zuzana

    Nice photos!:)

  • Aoife

    this is so beautiful (: they look so natural! i have to ask, what eyeshadows did you use for this look?!

  • http://smells-like-fashion.blogspot.com/ Sylwia

    omg! I’m in love with the 3rd photo ♥

  • Ruth Leslie

    eyes look fabulous! also, if you have the time, could you do a video tutorial on your make-up in these photos? so bloody gorgeous

  • aria

    wow im really interested in these colored contacts where can i get some !??