OMG shews.

How amazing are these Dr.Martens? They are the most beautiful colour, this really dark burgundy red…they are yum. It makes me happy to think that I own a  grown up/lady-like version of my favorite childhood shoes  :)

more shoes!


Another one of my all black days. I love. Also – how amazing is this sunshine!? It feels like I havn’t seen the sun in months and I felt so happy just being outside and how beautiful everything looks with back light :) It’s still pretty cold, but this low winter light is my absolute favorite and I hope it keeps up so I can start shooting models again in my favourite light :)

Jacket – Storets
Scarf – Golly Gosh Boutique
Top + Bag – Romwe
Leggings - Black Milk
Shoes – Dr. Martens

I’m going to try and starting posting A LOT more on my blog, and hope to start posting daily – which won’t always be outfit posts but yeah… so you can check my blog a lot more often now ;)



Blazer Jacket – Ronan’s :)
Playsuit – Primark
Bag – Romwe
Shoes – River Island

I totally over use my Romwe bag! But It is probably the handiest bag I have –  I can fit so much into it (I tend to carry my life around with me, I’m like a snail) and it doubles up as a backpack so that’s pretty cute :)
I’ve had a lovely weekend and I’m so happy it’s Sunday because I get to be really lazy and relax with Ronan before my busy week ahead!

Hope you guys had a great weekend too!