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November 2011



November 30, 2011

OMG shews.

How amazing are these Dr.Martens? They are the most beautiful colour, this really dark burgundy red…they are yum. It makes me happy to think that I own a  grown up/lady-like version of my favorite childhood shoes  :)

more shoes!

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Black Monday

November 28, 2011


Another one of my all black days. I love. Also – how amazing is this sunshine!? It feels like I havn’t seen the sun in months and I felt so happy just being outside and how beautiful everything looks with back light :) It’s still pretty cold, but this low winter light is my absolute favorite and I hope it keeps up so I can start shooting models again in my favourite light :)

Jacket – Storets
Scarf – Golly Gosh Boutique
Top + Bag – Romwe
Leggings - Black Milk
Shoes – Dr. Martens

I’m going to try and starting posting A LOT more on my blog, and hope to start posting daily – which won’t always be outfit posts but yeah… so you can check my blog a lot more often now ;)



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Boyfriend Jacket

November 27, 2011

Blazer Jacket – Ronan’s :)
Playsuit – Primark
Bag – Romwe
Shoes – River Island

I totally over use my Romwe bag! But It is probably the handiest bag I have –  I can fit so much into it (I tend to carry my life around with me, I’m like a snail) and it doubles up as a backpack so that’s pretty cute :)
I’ve had a lovely weekend and I’m so happy it’s Sunday because I get to be really lazy and relax with Ronan before my busy week ahead!

Hope you guys had a great weekend too!


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New Hair

November 25, 2011

What do you guys think of my new hair? :) I know I’m very late on the whole ombré hair trend but I really love it. I’ve wanted to dye my hair blonder for a while now so this is a great way to brightening up my hair without damaging my hair because these are of course my Hotlox Hair Extensions!

Outfit today:
Cardigan – Golly Gosh Boutique (the best vintage you can buy and pretty darn cheap for how good it is!)
Dress – Romwe
Faux Fur Collar – Forever 21
Bag - Romwe
Shoes – River Island