Happy Halloween guys :)


This is one of my favourite outfits I’d say. I love wearing all black.

Just wanted to say good luck to everyone who entered the Viparo Giveaway so far! And remember if you haven’t entered yet you have another week and a bit to enter! All the details are here.

Jacket – Loveclothing.com
Top – Romwe
Leggings - BlackMilk
Necklace – JFR.se
Ring - Zara Taylor Designs
Glasses – Topman

Lots of love

Hey guuuuuuys so if you have seen my facebok page recently I said I would have an exiting giveaway this weekend – so here it is…

So how would TWO of you like to win either a Skirt or a pair of Shorts from Viparo clothing??

Well it’s easy peasy. All you have to do is ”Like” their Facebook page & Mine + comment on this post which one you would like! Simple ey!
You can pick any skirt or any pair of shorts from their website, not just the ones above ^ so you have lots of choice! See all of them here.
I’m also very jealous! I wish I could enter this myself ha! So I really hope you guys like this giveaway :)

This giveaway will last for two weeks, and I will pick the two winners at random once the two weeks is up. :)


Just a quick blogpost today :)

Blazer - H&M
Shirt – Primark
Bag – Urban Outfitters
Jeans – Hollister
Shoes – don’t remember, sorry!
Dickie Bow - Eager Beaver



Howaya lads ;)
Since it’s October and Halloween is fast approaching I thought I would wear my Ribs bodysuit from Black Milk with my absolutely beautiful new leather jacket from an Australian brand  Viparo Clothing – which is crazy warm! I also love the hood on it, I have absolutely no hoodies or anything like that and none of my other jackets have hoods so when I get caught in the rain – I really get caught in the rain… But myself, Ronan & two of his friends went to this stunning park today to take advantage of the sun and take some nice photos that are not just in Ronan’s estate!

I also wanted to show you guys my spontaneous neck piercing I got a few days ago – I actually really love it. I am a huge fan of piercings, and if I could I would be covered in them. I really like this piercing because it is so subtle and so easy to cover up for work etc, and it’s just so pretty! (I think so anyway..) And I havn’t told my parents about it yet, but they will find out by reading this post so … Hey guys, I got the back my neck pierced!   ;)

Excuse my lack of posting over this week, I havn’t had that much time since I’ve been working alot more and also spending any time I can with our new puppy Ariel :)
But I am in love with my new coat from Motel Rocks, even though it may look sunny in the photos, it is freezing here in Dublin right now! So this coat is keeping me nice and toasty. You can never go wrong with some leopard print in my opinion.

I also wanted to say a big thank you to those of you who have shopped my collection! You’re awesome.

love y’all xo

Coat – Motel Rocks
Bag – Love Clothing
Playsuit - LOVE
Shoes - Romwe
Jewelry – JFR.se