Hey guys! So there has been a sort of mini heat wave going on here in Ireland, the weather has been amazing, I’d say yesterday could have been warmer than any other day this summer. And It’s so great not having to wear a huge jacket out everywhere! But apparently this wont last and it is going to start snowing at the end of this month… As much as I think snow is beautiful and will be awesome for photos it’s a pain in the ass getting places etc.

Today I am wearing:

Trousers – Topshop (given to me by the lovely Caoimhe – check out her blog here)
Bag – Romwe
Shoes – River Island
Jewelery - JFR

I never used to wear a lot of jewelery, except for rings. I used to love how other people accessorized their outfits but I never really did it myself up until recently and I don’t know how I didn’t do it for so long. Its my new favourite thing, having some ”statement” jewelry on that isn’t an oversized crystal skull ring – but more subtle yet striking – like my spiked necklace. I love this sort of look, and want to buy so many more necklaces so I can mix it up a bit! I also thought the feather earcuff would be a nice way to put some more colour into this outfit.
What do you guys think?

Shirt – Vintage
Pants – Disco Pants
Necklace + Cross Earrings – JFR.se
Feather Cuff – Shutterbug


Also guys – the wonderful people @ CcHA London are giving my readers 20% off when you put in the voucher code ‘LoveAnouska’ at the checkout! So go and take advantage of it ;)


Hey guys! So I had a lovely long lie in this morning, feeling pretty exhausted after all the running around London! I came home to some lovely stuff waiting for me, this gorgeous jumpsuit from LOVE! I’m really digging jumpsuits at the moment, and you can’t go wrong with a classic black one. What I really love about this is the low neckline, so feminine. You get a black belt with it but I teamed it up with my trusty Urban Outfitters skinny brown belt so it wouldn’t be too all black.

cute huh? Tell me what you think!

(Oh and by the way, I forgot to mention this ages ago but I made myself a little Tumblr! you can see it here! )


So today was my last full day here in London, and it’s been pretty amazing! I met up with photographer Tony McGee for coffee and had some great chats.
I also got to see one of my favourite people in the world – the beautiful Lucia! Who is an amazing photographer, check out her work here how adorable is she?! :)

I was meant to go to a show today but missed, but I don’t really mind. I’m all fashioned out. It’s hard to keep up with all these amazing people walking around.
I’m going to be featured on Elle.com next week I think too! And both me & Lucia got papped again today! Its been a great day :)




Hey guys, so today I went in and saw the Christian Blanken presentation show. It was great, the clothes are so my kind of thing, I loved every piece! Here are some of my favourite looks

I just could have bought every single thing! I love chic simplicity.

I am wearing:
Jumpsuit – French Connection
Shoes – River Island
Jacket – All Saints


Hey guys! So today I didn’t go to any shows but I did get to see some great people – and might be seeing a show or two that I didn’t expect to see over the next few days! I’m so exited. Plus I’m in one of my favourite cities ever, London. So full of life, and of course right now it’s fashion crazy. Decided to dress up a little bit more today! Still felt very casual but I did have my photo taken for Elle & perhaps Vogue Russia!
I am wearing -

Dress - Love
Jacket, Necklace & Belt -  (borrowed from Alessia’s wardrobe)
Shoes - River Island
Bag – Romwe

Photographers Lee Malone & Rory Mo-ran

The lovely Rosemary MacCabe from Fash Mob

I am exhausted now, and was feeling ill on the train home so im gonna get an early night so I’m ready for tomorrow! x