Hello lovelies.
Today I wanted to show off some lovely stuff I got myself these last few days!

Firstly – How amazing is this earcuff!!! It is just so beautiful, and Irish made :) It is from Shutterbug, which is a vintage shop, they are simply amazing do check out there facebook page! And very reasonable prices, I got this earcuff for just under 27euro (handmade!)

Secondly - My Silver Factory T-Shirt! I got it in a large so I could cut it up and make a little dress out of it. But for now I have paired it with my Black Milk legbones leggings.

And last but not least my mustache ring! How adorable is that?! I am a huge unusual ring fanatic, and this is perfect for my ever growing collection :) This ring is from a really adorable online jewelery store called Cutie Pie – check them out, everything is just so…cute!


I’m getting alot more comfortable not wearing heels everyday. I bought the my cons for work and have been wearing them out alot more now, and don’t feel lie such a midget.
I do have issues with my height, I do wish I was taller, but hey what can I do about it, but I finally accept that I am not 5”11 so I just have to deal with the fact I am a petite girl! We all have things we would like to change about our appearance but dwelling on them is useless really…

But apart from that it is a beautiful evening here in Dublin. However the weather has been so all over the place these last few days I feel there won’t be much more sun in the next few weeks.. So making the most out of not wearing a jacket right now.


Bag – Romwe
Tshirt – Romwe
Belt – Romwe
Ring – Little boutique in France
Jeans – Topshop
Shoes – Office



Hey guys! Okay so my friend Caoimhe (check out her blog here) moved to NYC for the summer, and was away for my birthday (boo!) so she got me a really thoughtful present – a challenge – she got me Mac lipstick – Film Noir so I could do a blog post about how to wear such a bold shade of lippy. How cute is she!

So my first thought was, just lipstick and a small bit of mascara, boom – high fashion – But no, it’s just too predictable. Just because you are wearing a really bold lip does not mean you cannot do up your eyes too without looking like a bit of a drag queen! So I thought I would show you guys how I would wear a dark lipstick without being too boring.

I only used one eyeshadow here Its Mac – Golden Gaze

This is actually a bit of a weird eyeshadow. It comes quite grey when you put it on first, but it is really lovely and glittery once you put a few coats on! I just used a blending brush for all over my eyelids and a small rounded brush to put the gold on the inside of my eyes! It’s like using two eyeshadows in one :) I also thought if I did any contouring it would be too much, so if you’re going to go for a dark lip + dark eyes I’d say stay away from any contouring or at least make it very natural!

Hope you guys liked this post!