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July 2011

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Last day in London

July 30, 2011

So today was the final of the Next Competition, I got to the final 50 but didn’t make it to the top ten, which I was a little sad about but it’s not the end of the world, I’m still pretty happy I got to the final 50! It was a great experience and I met some really wonderful people, plus I got to stay in London for a few days which is always a plus!

I’m so happy me and Ronan are finally going to the south of France tomorrow to see my mum, this last week has been so hectic it will be a nice relaxing part of the holiday. And hopefully I can work on my tan!

I just checked my analytics, and in the last four days alone I’ve received 20,000+ views on my blog! I want to say a huge thank youuuu to everyone who follows me & has been supporting me all the way through the Next Competition, voting for me and leaving me such amazing comments!! Your encouragement is so awesome, it’s unreal!

Again I want to say a huge thank you to EVERYONE who voted for me, even though I didn’t win, I wouldn’t have gotten the chance to even be in the finals without all of you : ) Thank youu!


Jumper – American Apparel
Shorts – Loveclothing
Shoes – Wanted shoes

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Touched down in London Town

July 28, 2011

Disco pants – American Apparel
Shoes – Camden Market
Top – Primark
Bag – thank you Romwe

We took these photos yesterday in Paris which was our last day, Paris was seriously amazing! I wish we had more time there.. We had to get up at 4am to get the eurostar to London and it was my first time getting it and it’s so fast, it only took something like 2 hours.

But finally here in London now for the Next Competition tomorrow, which I’m pretty nervous for Paris I didn’t have much time to think about it but it’s sorta sunk in now! But I am pretty exhausted with all this traveling and early starts so we did sleep alot of today when we got to the hotel & took some snaps since it’s was sooo sunny outside!

Its been a very long busy day. And now I am absolutely shattered and need my rest for tomorrow….so nervous…

wish me luck!




Paris Love Bridge

July 26, 2011

Today we went to this amazing lock bridge, or as I like to call it, the love bridge. it’s really amazing, the whole fencing along the bridge has locks attached to it from couples who have come, written their names on locks, and locked them¬† on the bridge to symbolize their ever lasting love (cheeeeese!) but it’s really beautiful, so me and Ronan just had to jump on the band wagon and put our mark on the bridge!

We put glittery nail varnish on ours to hopefully keep the writing in tact! It made me so happy and gave me goosebumps when I looked at all the locks and thought there is a story behind every single one. It was one of the nicest things we’ve done together I think.. Once we locked them together we threw the keys in the water :)

Today was just amazing. <3



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Paris Je t’aime

July 26, 2011

285018_2313297311423_2662773_n 284223_2313347312673_1938937_n 283058_2313292111293_1037715_n267203_2313340832511_4381166_n

285354_2313350232746_4041385_n 251463_2313344792610_99734_n 250098_2313342112543_2872730_n 302996_2313343672582_1236625481_n185482_2313339432476_3563871_n 216824_2315197878936_6951152_n 216935_2315191318772_341762_n 223638_2315196998914_7557310_n 223818_2313345472627_4157562_n 226055_2313354112843_1385504_n 251475_2313358952964_5806211_n 254781_2315185358623_397152_n 281761_2315188998714_3860566_n 283415_2315195918887_958988_n 283423_2313348632706_6714690_n 284093_2313337232421_3844275_n 284586_2315204759108_2254996_n 284956_2315203279071_580962_n 285304_2315201279021_5341234_n284268_2315216199394_141273_nParis…Je t’aime! It’s so beautiful. And it’s so lovely to spend time with my brother and his girlfriend who are showing us around! <3

I don’t want to leave… : (


Paris/London/Nice tomorrow

July 24, 2011

This is what I’ll be wearing tomorrow for traveling (or should I say this morning as we will have to be up at 3am!) so thought I’d take some snaps in this outfit today.

I’m so over exited for this holiday! I’m most looking forward to being in Paris for a couple of nights with Ronan. The last time I was in Paris I was quite young and just went to Disney Land and didn’t fully appreciate how beautiful the city really was. And I can’t wait to stuff my face with macaroons. yum yum :)

Aww <3

I’m gone for ten days but I’m going to try updating my blog at least every two days with photos/news of our holiday! It’s going to be jam-packed and full of fun so I hope you guys will like the photos :)

Love love love