Hey guys, I’m so sorry to have to do a post like this but I need to ask one last time for votes!

The Next Competition is over in 15 hours. Thanks to all of you who have already voted I’ve managed to stay in position 71 and therefor kept me in the top 100 for the last two/three weeks! But since the voting will close shortly for some reason I went straight back up to 200 in the last 24 hours… I’m a little suspicious but what can you do.

Basically all I need/want from you guys, is to keep voting for me so I am in the top 250, because if I get pushed out of that, I can not go to the final in London at the end of July.. And that would be devastating seeing as most of you have been voting for me, an I’ve received such amazing support and actually had a chance to go to the final. :(

Thank you everyone for the support so far, and thank you everyone who is voting now!! It means so much to me and this would be just such an amazing opportunity.. K I’m gonna stop ranting now!

Love love love xo




Blouse – Primark
Shorts loveclothing.com
Shoes – Camden Market


There is only ONE DAY left for voting for the Next Competition!! I was on position 72 and I’ve been pushed to 141 in a day. hmmm…

I appreciate everyone who has voted so far, thanks so much!! Just click here or there is a button on the right hand side of my blog x

So I’ve finally gone and made a new make up tutorial! I’ve had a lot of you ask me to demonstrate a smokey eye look, so this is how I would do it! I’m sorry the video is very long, but there is a little special guest appearance at the end to hopefully keep you interested! I need to learn how to edit videos properly… Don’t worry I’ll learn soon so you don’t have to endure 15 minutes of me at once!