Finally! A sunny day! Ireland can be really beautiful when the sun shines, it seems to lift everyone’s spirits, since it seems to be such a rare occasion… But I’m delighted its finally coming into spring/summer so we can finally shed some layers!
I’m wearing a maxi skirt from Bershka, and my top is from H&M.
Happy Sunday guys!
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I wanted to share some of my portfolio shots since some of you asked ! A lot of people I shoot with are friends I’ve made through photography. It’s awesome to be part of someone elses idea, and trying to embody a character and playing with it. It’s fun – it’s like playing dress up as an adult : ) Hope you like the photos!
This is a photo I took with a self timer of yours truely and my wonderful Ronan a while ago,
but thought I’d save it til now for Valentines day and all :)
I’m very annoyed, Ronan has an exam tomorrow (valentines day) from 6:30 – 8pm
Who is the genius who came up with that time for an exam – it’s dinner time!!
But we will still make the most of it.
Ronan is the most interesting, funniest, loving, generous person I’ve ever met,
I love our shared love for kittens and cats, I love his grumpy face in the mornings, I love the way he touches my face & I love his smile most of all.
I still look at him and think he’s the hottest bloke I’ve ever seen and I just want to kiss his wonderful face all day! (kissing him is like chocolate <3 )
This is the cheesiest load of cheese I’ve ever written, but hey, tis the season?
love you baby.
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I’m still a bit confused about it all so bare with me!
I was watching the UFC last night so didn’t get to bed until about 6am, so took this photo pretty much as soon as I got up (around 4pm) to make sure I caught the light!
Dress: A-wear
Jumper: Bershka
Shoes: Office
Tights: Primark
Bag: Urban Outfitters
And how adorable are these earrings?? I love little owls! Ronan got me these in Aldo :)
I’m terribly spoilt sometimes :)
Hat: Bershka
Cardigan: Topshop
Dress: A-wear
Belt: Urban Outfitters
Bag: Aldo
Shoes: Office
Tights: Primark
Ring: Aldo
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So there is some serious Black Swan fever going on right now so here is me & Lucy Nuzum‘s take on it :)
So what Lucy did is get a projector and just project this lacey effect on me – no photoshop!
This image was meant to be very like the film, with the whole ”good vs evil” and the reflections on the mirror.
The projector is such a good idea because you can just do anything you want! check out her facebook page to see more of her work (just click on her name ;) )
I did my own make up for this look, the lipstick is Morange by Mac, then I just used gel liner for the thick eyeliner and contoured the crap out of my face.
Hope you guys like these!
I’d love to see everyone elses ”Black Swan” inspired photos!