Finally! A sunny day! Ireland can be really beautiful when the sun shines, it seems to lift everyone’s spirits, since it seems to be such a rare occasion… But I’m delighted its finally coming into spring/summer so we can finally shed some layers!
I’m wearing a maxi skirt from Bershka, and my top is from H&M.
Happy Sunday guys!
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I wanted to share some of my portfolio shots since some of you asked ! A lot of people I shoot with are friends I’ve made through photography. It’s awesome to be part of someone elses idea, and trying to embody a character and playing with it. It’s fun – it’s like playing dress up as an adult : ) Hope you like the photos!
This is a photo I took with a self timer of yours truely and my wonderful Ronan a while ago,
but thought I’d save it til now for Valentines day and all :)
I’m very annoyed, Ronan has an exam tomorrow (valentines day) from 6:30 – 8pm
Who is the genius who came up with that time for an exam – it’s dinner time!!
But we will still make the most of it.
Ronan is the most interesting, funniest, loving, generous person I’ve ever met,
I love our shared love for kittens and cats, I love his grumpy face in the mornings, I love the way he touches my face & I love his smile most of all.
I still look at him and think he’s the hottest bloke I’ve ever seen and I just want to kiss his wonderful face all day! (kissing him is like chocolate <3 )
This is the cheesiest load of cheese I’ve ever written, but hey, tis the season?
love you baby.