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Photography is such a huge passion of mine and I honestly can’t get enough of it. I wish I could shoot amazing different models every single day. let me know what you think of my works!


I absolutely love my new bow tights from River Island :) they’re just the cutest thing ever, I’m worried they won’t last long though because tights never seem to last!
My coat is from Topshop, which is also my new love. It’s very warm which is exactly what I need. anyway i’ve gotta run so shall update more later.
lots of love x
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These are photos I took today, I’m so happy with them. I love the model and her edgyness with her half shaved head. She was a real natural and I was just so delighted to finally take the kind of photos I love taking :) We were so blessed with amazing weather, Its been so dull and rainy here in Ireland the last few days I was so worried we would get caught in rain – but we didn’t :)
hope ya’ll like my work :)
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I just love my new lipstick – Rebel by Mac. I did a shoot a while ago where the make up artist used it on me, and I just had to have it, but due to lack of funds It took me a while to get around to getting it, but I have it now :)
It’s quite bold and out there, I think I will only wear it on special occasions, It’s a bit much for everyday use, but it’s still fab :) I need to actually buy a pencil to go with it, You can probally tell by the photos I put it on a bit sloppy, but hope y’all like it.
59511 hat
I honestly cannot wait for this leather hat to come out in Topshop. It just screams my name. It’s so beautiful, and looks amazing on the model in the second picture, she totally rocks it. I already know my outfits to go with it, and now it’s just a waiting game until it is released in shops!
I asked the woman at the til in Topshop yesterday about when it would be coming out and she said two weeks after it is on their website. I’m now counting down the days! I need it so bad!
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these are just a few of the photos from our ”vacation”  :)
  • it was just so amazing, it was insanely hot – 30 to 35 degrees or so a day! The humidity was something mad like 70% for the first few days we were there. We were only there for 6 days, but it felt like a lifetime, but in a good way!
  • Nearly every restaurant we went into had the amount of calories written next to the food on the menus! the portions were waaaaaay too big, I didn’t fully finish even one meal while I was there. But the Mac & Cheese in the Hard Rock Cafe nearly had me.
  • I bought a fisheye lens so I didn’t have much money for shopping, but it was fine i still got a nice bag, coat, wolly dress, top and perfume from duty free :)
    Central park is unbelievable. I’ve seen it thousands of times in movies, tv shows, photos… but experiencing for the first time with Ronan by my side… it was magical! We went for a row in the lake, it was my first time and it was so fun. At the start it was a little bumpy and we nearly knocked another couple in their boat over (including us!) but luckily no one fell in and we all left smiling.It was hilarious though ha : P However I think everyone avoided us from then on!
  • I loved visiting FAO Schwarz!
  • Times square is awesome, even though its so touristy we totally embraced it and played along.
  • TOP OF THE ROCK! I really really really wish we had seen the view at night too, but that just means I have to go back asap! Imagine the skyline at night…. incredible!
  • I can’t wait to go back!!