Ah! I looove these pants, they’re simply the best!
Basicly everything I’m wearing today is from American Apparel, but these pants I think were my best buy. They’re really elasticy and comfy and I love how 80s they are.
Make your legs look awesome too (and I’m only 5”7)
I’m off to New York on Wednesday so I canno’t WAIT for that! buying lots of new clothes and seeing the sights! I’ve never been before, but I know I want to live there for the rest of my life…


So I’m in the September issue of Stellar Magazine
I thought I’d just make it all quite casual, the cardigan is from Dorothy Perkins, the beige leotard is from Topshop, lace shorts from H&M, Bag is from Urban Outfitters, shoes from Aldo, socks from Primark and necklace from Miss Selfridge.
This is just a scan of the magazine that’s why the quality isn’t the best, but it was very fun and great to be featured!

Big thanks to Corina Gaffey.
Photographer: Beta


I’m a happy woman today, American Apparel had a 20% discount in store today (in Dublin) because it’s been open a year, so got lots of lovely new things, one of which is that shirt.
I love the cut off sleeves, I love how it’s quite masculine.
I also got new shoes (woop!) from offlice, I love chunky heels and these are my new favourite.
They’re so light and extremly comfortable.
Getting all my long hair taken out tomorrow so will have short hair for a week – not looking forward to that!
Ah well.

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This has to be, by far, my favourite photoshoot  I’ve done.
It was an editorial for KISMET magazine.
The clothes were just unbelievable.
The clothes were by Bonzie Crotty, and the styling was done by Danielle Fitzgerald.
The photographer was Lucia O Connor McCarthy, a very beautiful and amazing photographer who works between London & Dublin.
The Make up was by a great girl, Catherine Weldon. Her talent is really outstading and I think she did a great job on this shoot.
Hair was by Jane Akkerman, which was very fun having my hair all huge and having really long extensions put in!

The theme for the shoot was Alice in Wonderland with a pinch of Victorian style. Victorian fashion is probably one of my favourites, everybody looked so elegant and beautiful and I love how they did their hair.
The colours were never that exiting or vibrant so I love how Catherine did really bright make up to mix it up a bit.

This was probably my favourite outfit from  the shoot. That skirt, was just soooo beautiful! it puffed out and I felt like a princess wearing it, combined with the amazing corset I thought Danielle exceeded herself with this shoot.

It was a fantastic shoot with a really great team, and I’m so happy I had to chance to wear these remarkable clothes!

I wore this yesterday.38514_415325936246_3210304_n

The skirt I’m wearing is from Pennys (Primark) originally i bought it for wearing underneath other skirts to make them pop out more but i used it on its own for this look.

My new favourite thing is my red lippy – Lady Danger by MAC. I’m big into lipsticks recently and this has got to be one of the best colours, it’s very red with a tinge of orange, it’s just fantastic really :)