Ah! I looove these pants, they’re simply the best!
Basicly everything I’m wearing today is from American Apparel, but these pants I think were my best buy. They’re really elasticy and comfy and I love how 80s they are.
Make your legs look awesome too (and I’m only 5”7)
I’m off to New York on Wednesday so I canno’t WAIT for that! buying lots of new clothes and seeing the sights! I’ve never been before, but I know I want to live there for the rest of my life…


So I’m in the September issue of Stellar Magazine
I thought I’d just make it all quite casual, the cardigan is from Dorothy Perkins, the beige leotard is from Topshop, lace shorts from H&M, Bag is from Urban Outfitters, shoes from Aldo, socks from Primark and necklace from Miss Selfridge.
This is just a scan of the magazine that’s why the quality isn’t the best, but it was very fun and great to be featured!

Big thanks to Corina Gaffey.
Photographer: Beta


I’m a happy woman today, American Apparel had a 20% discount in store today (in Dublin) because it’s been open a year, so got lots of lovely new things, one of which is that shirt.
I love the cut off sleeves, I love how it’s quite masculine.
I also got new shoes (woop!) from offlice, I love chunky heels and these are my new favourite.
They’re so light and extremly comfortable.
Getting all my long hair taken out tomorrow so will have short hair for a week – not looking forward to that!
Ah well.