Happy Christmas everyone.
5220731183_27207dda02_bSo it’s snowing in Ireland already – Its only November!
Its absolutely freezing cold, it came out of nowhere!
Lucky for me I got to wear this beautiful vintage fur coat, which used to be Ronans grandmothers.
Its amazing the difference in warmth between  a real fur coat and a fake fur coat, my body was just so cosy!
Like I said before, I would never buy a real fur coat, as I don’t want to encourage the sales of them, however if a vintage fur coat, that is lying around and isn’t being worn, and was given to me, I would defiantly wear it. Especially since our winters seem to be getting colder…
anyway enough of my rambings, lots of love!
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I know this has nothing to do with fashion, I just wanted to show off my new amazing pets, my Degus!
They’re called Dexter & Sargent Dokes. (two of my favourite characters from Dexter of course)
Sargent Dokes is the one in the picture of me smiling, all the rest are of Dexter,
Dexter is way calmer than Dokes, which is true to the TV program!
I love them so much, theyre just so adorable!!
Happy Monday